Jeff and Lisa's Firestarter Workshop

March 19, 2013  •  2 Comments


In photography, light is essential. It shows you the details, shape and texture of your subject. In life, it helps show you where to go and what to avoid. It makes you see the big picture.

As aspiring wedding photographers, that’s exactly what we need. A light.

A fire.

Jeff and Lisa’s firestarter is filled with the who’s who in the wedding industry. Jeff and Lisa Llarena, Nelwin Uy, Jason Magbanua and  Benz Co – Rana of Weddings at Work each gave a talk. The suppliers for our photo shoot are: Veluz for the wedding gown, Vatel Manila for the flowers, Chichi Sotomil for makeup, Sugarfree for the shoes, The Fozzy Book for the calligraphy in the Firestarter logo, certificate and collateral and The Peninsula Manila for the location.

Nelwin Uy discussed the important details of destination weddings. After all his success, I find it incredible to see him so humble. He told us the story of how he climbed to the top. Nelwin is proof that you appreciate something more if you worked hard on it.

Jason Magbanua talked about branding. He told us the story of how he started and how he changed the image of videographers. The first time he did an SDE, he would gather all the videos from the prep to the ceremony, go home, edit and go to the hotel to show the guests the edited video. The whole time I was telling myself: this man is either gutsy or crazy.

Benz Co – Rana’s talk was sweet and simple. Her talk is more like a loving mom giving some advice to her children. No wonder she is friends with everyone in the wedding industry.

And of course our wonderful suppliers. They made our job easier by making our gorgeous couple look even better.

The Firestarter isn’t your ordinary workshop. It’s not technical. It’s all about inspiration. Right from the start, they kept telling us that our influences, what we’re drawn to and what we love have an effect on how we take photographs. I understood the idea but I didn’t really feel it until the end. Jeff and Lisa’s ender was a cry fest.  Jeff re-lived their story and how it affects their style and how they shoot. I almost cried while listening to their story. It was so romantic. So moving. I find it inspiring to see that after all the years that they’ve been together, their love hasn’t faded a bit. Their love for each other is the reason why their photographs look that way.

All this time we thought that we’re in a dark place in need of someone to lend us a fire to get things started. Jeff and Lisa actually taught us that the fire was inside all of us all along. We just have to find ourselves. Jeff and Lisa, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I'll never look at your photos the same way again. It won't just remind me of you guys as artists but as real, amazing people as well. 


The Firestarter Workshop. Humbling. Inspiring. Life changing.



For more photos, please click on this link: Jeff and Lisa's Firestarter Workshop


2.Caslow Lifestyle Photography
Thank you so much Elizabeth! I really appreciate the kind words. =) If I'm not mistaken, you're a wedding photographer based in Edinburgh right? =)
1.Elizabeth Otwell(non-registered)
The shots is very elegant.The place,the couple,the photos are really awesome..I appreciate all your work and also supplying a great deal essential techniques for your visitors. Truly amazed! Every little thing is very, exceptionally clear and open. You have actually talked about a great deal of beneficial information.
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